Suneva Medical - Artefill Horror

I had Artefill injected in 2010 and now am seeing and feeling huge lumps all over my face where the product was injected. I was never informed that this was a perm.

medical device and was told by the injector that it was only considered a long term filler (10 years max) and that it would disappear after 10 years. Here I am 10 years later and have these massive lumps on my face. It is affecting my smiling, chewing, every day life. When I attempt to open my mouth wide, I get this horrible pulling type feeling.

I have since seen a new plastic surgeon and he was the one that informed me of the product and how there are issues now with several patients. He also informed me that the only way to remove this "cement" is to have it surgically removed and since I had the filler done for cosmetic reasons, the removal would also be considered cosmetic and 100% out of pocket. I am looking at well over $30,000 to have this product removed and I can not believe there hasn't been any type of class action law suit regarding this horrible product. Has anyone seen any success after having it removed?

Will I then be left with huge pockets in my face? Dear God I'm at my wits end.

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Suneva Medical Artefill Injection Review

I had artefill injected in 2014 and it did not improve anything and left hard knots in my upper lip that still haven't gone away. I have complained to dr Marino and she said it was from the injections in the upper lip. I hate it and spent all that money!!

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Suneva Medical in West Palm Beach, Florida - Suneva Fraudulently Bills doctors

I and another doctor in South Florida were victims of a scam. Suneva sent their representative who told us what a miracle product Artefill was and all this safety data. They then suggested we hire an independent marketing expert which they provided , to work with us until we had enough patients. What they failed to mention is that this independent contractor would order product and either steal it or in one case mail it to another employee and either resell it or send it back to the company. In any event despite protesting that we never received this product, Suneva unmercifully hounded us for 9 months and I submitted to paying back $34,00 dollars until I found out about this second doctor. They have $14,000 of my money they know is not owed them and now want an additional $20,000 from me despite not proving I order nor received the product. They had to settle out of court with the other doctor who miraculous produced a Suneva invoice and actual box made out to an employee at their home address, despite Suneva saying under oath that "we never sent anything other than to the doctor's office. "

The product results are so bad, look up numerous complaints of people having permanent nasal bleeds, giant granulomas and disfigurement and how Suneva manipulates or threatens lawsuits on the internet . It has gotten so bad that they now have rebranded Artefill as Bellafil because most doctors familiar with Artefill won't touch it and in order to get funding from a capital investment firm in Spain, Suneva changed the name.

If any doctors out there are concerned that they have been the victims of a billing/not authorized order for this product contact me

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Suneva Medical in Waukegan, Illinois - Artefil in my lips

Yes, this company should be out of business. They put 4 injections in my lips and I had to surgically remove one so far.

Artefill is not even indicated for lips!!!Dr. Stacy Kaiser should not be in business as a physician either. When I went back to her and said I have lumps on my lips she wanted to put more of the product in my lips to make them even. Thank God I didn't do that!

When I went to a plastic surgeon to get one lump removed, he said that Artefill was a horrible product and should not be used in any part of your body.

Horrible company

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Suneva Medical Inc tricked me into not filing lawsuit against their company until statute of limitations had passed

I was injected with Artefill to correct marionette lines. Within one month there was no sign of improvement and I began having continuing problems. Opening my mouth wide was difficult and when I yawned it felt like something was pulling or tearing. I had a weird sensation and constant numbness. I still have numbness and clumps of product where the Artefill was placed. I suffered with a painful infection and graduloma in the area of my face where the Artefill was injected, and many weeks I was unable to eat properly and lost ten pounds during that time. I suffered embarrassment in my daily life the continuing problems and not being able to correct this has caused me extreme loss of confidence and low self esteem. I have contacted the company several times with this complaint. I talked via email with Stacy Lewis and also Karon Morrell. I was told by Ms Morrell that I needed to visit an Artefill doctor to assess the problems I was having and find a solution. I was told that Dr Hamel, who I wanted to do the evaluation was unavailable and I was sent to Dr. Donald Clemons whom I am told was recommended because he is a personal friend of their Sales Representative, I have the email from Stacy Lewis stating this.

Dr. Clemons did not address any of my symptoms and interrupted me several times during the consultation when I tried to ask questions, he was arrogant, dismissing my concerns completely and talked mostly about himself and his career. Dr. Clemons also informed me that he is the instructor for all Artefill injectors in Tennessee, which means he is the only doctor who could be called as an expert witness concerning Artefill and he is in the hire of Suneva Medical Inc. Dr Clemons also trained the injector at Snooty Spa where I was injected. I was lead to believe I would receive treatment to correct the damage but this was only a ruse to delay legal action on my part until the statute of limitations had passed. I was mislead by Suneva and their COO Karon Morrell as they intentionally lead me believe I would receive help to correct these problems they did not respond until the statute of limitations had passed and sent a letter by mail the day before rejecting my claim, and afterward I was completely ignored by the company.

I complained to the BBB of San Diego, but this was pointless because the BBB is just the fox guarding the hen house. Apparently the BBB is for the business only and not the consumer, I was unaware of this when I contacted them in regards to this matter. In my second response to them I ask that Suneva Medical show proof of their response to me as they claim they tried to resolve this matter, they did not try in any way to resolve this matter. I can show proof of my allegations against their company. Suneva made false statements against me and they were allowed to slide by with no repercussion for their wrong doing.

Suneva Medical never tried to resolve this matter in any way. Their CEO Nicholas L. Teti, Jr. and COO Karon Morrell purposely mislead me. This is a heartless corporation



Hollywood, Florida, United States #1116115

please contact me at

i am a physician who used Artefill was disappointed in results and didnt reorder

I year later they claimed I ordered 40 thousand dollars which I didnt but now they are suing me ! I would love to hear your story


My name is Tracy Painter I had aretifill injected in my face in 2010. It has destroyed my face.

It has now got into the muscles of my face and I have to have it cut out it is severely painful and I don't know what to do. Because it has taken so long to find out what was causing all my pain and the right doctor to treat I supposedly do not have a case.

This has destroyed my life and my face!!!

Orlando, Florida, United States #1206496

I also had problems with Artefill injections. Do you mind sharing what doctor helped you fix/cut out the Artefill. It worries me to have anything else done at the injection site, but worries me more not to have it cut out.


Please call me. I am going through the same with artefill.

I had some of it surgically removed. 615-995-9402


I am a Medical Aesthetician who was injected with Artefill. I have been living with a large granuloma under my left eye from the product.

I've spoken to Suneva reps as has the Doctor I work for and they told him to inject 5-FU into the granuloma and that would help to either get rid of or reduce the granuloma. We've tried to no avail. We've also spoken to Plastic Surgeons and Ocular Plastic Surgeons (hoping they could remove it by going through the lower lid so there would be no scarring) all have said they would not touch it because of the severity of the granuloma, and with the possible chance of nerves and vessels forming around it, I could possibly lose the sight in my eye.

I also have 3 smaller granuloma's near the tail of both brows near my eyes and periodically they will flare up an cause excruciating pain if touched. Awful awful awful company!!!

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